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Last night, over a postprandial glass of tokaji in the rose garden of Vadrózsa (a very fine restaurant here in Budapest), I asked Allyson to marry me.

She said yes, but there was one condition - that I marry her too, and she gave me with a ring of my own!

(It should be mentioned that we are having a good time on vacation and have seen many beautiful sights. We are looking forward to returning to Seattle and the mew on Saturday.)
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Today is mine and [ profile] chemicallace's fourth anniversary, and we will be going out for drinks to celebrate. Ours is the longest relationship I have ever had, and I am very happy to have her in my life.

As if I were not already pleased by that, it is also the 50th anniversary of the first human-made object was placed in orbit. I find it terribly appropriate that we, who love space exploration so much, got together on the day Sputnik was launched.
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Last weekend was very exciting -- I was able to bring Allyson with me to the Mercury for the first time. Before we went, though, we spent a couple of hours at the Chapel Bar on Pine, and while the company was good the service was terrible. The bar was closing to the public early because it had rented out for a private party by some of the PAX people (I gather they were EVE Online / World Of Darkness MMORPG people), and I think we were happy to be out of there.

We had a wonderful time at the Merc, though. Thank you very much to all who came and hung out with us and wished Allyson a happy birthday; I know she had a good time and so did I.
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Allyson is finally turning 21, and we are celebrating on Saturday, August 25th. We'll be starting the evening off at the Chapel Bar on Pike Street from 5 to 9 PM, and then migrating up to the Mercury for the rest of the evening.

We're working on securing the balcony level of Chapel for our private use; if we manage it, I'll post about it again here.

It would be very helpful if you can let me know if you'll be coming, so that we'll know whether we have enough people to secure the balcony floor. Hope to see you there!

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Cat: (stands in front of picture of her)
Allyson: Saga, you always block your picture!
Bjorn: Maybe she is a bad block and needs to be reformatted.
Allyson: Are you a bad block, Saga? (picks up cat)
Cat: (mews loudly in protest, making thrown-cow noise)
Allyson: (turns cat upside down) I have reformatted her!
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"It looks like a tube," says Allyson.
"It does?"
"Yeah!" She picks up the loaf of freshly-baked bread she's just made and waves it about. "A tube!"
"It is not a tube," I say, frowning at the loaf of bread, which bears a remarkable resemblance in shape to an AirPort access point.
"It's a series of tubes," she says, cutting off another slice.
"It looks more like a disk to me."
"Yeah, that's what I meant."
"What? A tube is like a disk. It's a geometric shape."
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(Disclaimer: Dialogue heavily edited for amusement value. There was a lot more swearing, a lot less coherency, and I didn't really call Allyson a wench.)

Let me tell you of the events -- the DIRE EVENTS -- that unfolded this last Fourth of July.

I regret most deeply having not had the opportunity to tell you of this sooner, but I have had to wrestle with the dread beast SLEEP and attend to the DEFROSTING of the UNHOLY SPINACH.

Let it first be known that we had some of Allyson's coworkers over for a party involving exotic meats such as caribou, ostrich and elk. This
went well. And then we watched the fireworks of Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond from our balcony, and this, too, went well.

And then everyone else left, and Allyson and I began to get ready for bed. So I went to get a glass of water. Such a small, simple thing, a glass of water -- yet it can lead to a man's downfall.

It was with the best of intentions that I opened the refrigerator door, thus intending to obtain the cold-Brita-filtered water within. Yet when I did so, a glass casserole dish that Allyson had just put in the fridge (rather precariously, because the firdge is overfull with food intended for an SCA event banquet this weekend) FELL OUT and DASHED itself upon the bottom shelf of the fridge, SHATTERING into FIVE HORRIBLE PIECES of such EXQUISITE SHARPNESS that one could, indeed, concievably cut one's self upon them.

And these HIDEOUSLY, VICIOUSLY JAGGED SHARDS did fall even further, and yea, one glanced fleetingly upon my foot, leading me to say: "Ow."

The others smashed to the floor and divided themselves further, into a million glittering splinters.

And thus I said, "God damn it, why didst thou not ensure that thy foodstuffs were properly balanced within yon fridge?"

And Allyson spake unto me, "Ist thou unharmed?"

Thus I said "Yea, but yon Tomatoes and Lettuce are now rendered useless by your folly. Bring unto me yon broom and dustpan, wench, and begone with thee, for there are many sharp objects here which may impale thy feet."

And thus Allyson fetched the Broom and Dustpan, and turned on the Lights. And there was Light.

And Allyson looked upon the Light, and said, "That's a hell of a lot of blood."

And I looked down, and lo, there was blood EVERYWHERE!

A veritable TORRENT, SPURTING FORTH from the main joint of my BIG TOE, upon which a shard of glass had briefly touched, and then gone the way of all material things. Such a quantity of blood was there that I did feel my knees become weak, and my head become dizzy, and I said unto

"Well, fuck."

And thus did Allyson tell me to Sit, and ignoring my DIVINE COMMANDMENT to Not Come Any Closer Lest She Step On Broken Glass, she did make use
of her extensive first aid training to stainch the blood with paper towels and sterilze gauze, then competently tape the vicious wound upon
my toe.

The GUSH of my PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS thus staunched, she went back to bed at my behest, and I set about the task of sweeping up the broken
glass and bits of tomato and lettuce leaf and other sundry casualties of this APOCALYPSE of BURGER TOPPINGS.

Then I got a glass splinter in my foot.

Here endeth the lesson.


Oct. 5th, 2005 10:08 am
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Found out the other day that my Sa02 (that's blood O2 saturation level) was getting down to around 63% at night, prior to getting the CPAP machine.

49% is fatal.


I've just returned to UW for the final year of my masters' degree. With it I've found a certain amount of renewed interest and passion for my business idea, which is good, because it's the reason why I entered the program in the first place. I still wonder how I'll attract funding, and whether it will work, but I'm making progress. Certainly everyone I've talked to about it thinks it is very exciting and likely to succeed.

As far as my actual classes, I'm taking Journalistic Ethics in Digital Media and Marketing and Branding. The Ethics professor is a pleasant older ex-reporter type who is on the comm department faculty; I like him. The marketing and branding teacher is a shrill, skeletal woman who shrieks like a harpy in a power-suit as she talks. She's rude and unpleasant and I wonder how anyone could stand her long enough to allow her to pitch an idea. She's a self-confessed plodder, an uncreative person who does things by the numbers and trial-and-error. I roll my eyes and read her endless PowerPoint.

We're stuck with a group project for 80% of our grade in that class, too. Feh.

It was [ profile] chemicallace and I's anniversary last night, in celebration of which she treated me to a lovely evening at our favorite restaurant, Mistral. Dining there is always an experience to be treasured, and since it was a Tuesday we pretty much had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The service there is beyond reproach -- on our second visit, with Allyson's father last August, the waiter remembered us well even though we'd only been there once before a year previously. He (same waiter) knew it was our anniversary this time and he lavished especially good wine upon us (and let us take the bottle of tokaji home, gods be praised. If you have never had tokaji, do so. It's like drinking the golden light of that particularly sweet sort of sunset after a storm has cleared.).

I made Allyson a card and got her a bouquet of roses (and I'm also taking us on a trip to Vancouver for the weekend at the end of the month, with the end goal of finally seeing the Red Elvises live).

This weekend Allyson's off to a big SCA Ithra down in Oregon, and I have homework to do. (And finally catching Tree up on the rest of Firefly before going to see Serenity again. Which, if you haven't already, you should see, because it was as good as I hoped.)


Aug. 7th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Please join us in celebrating Allyson's birthday here at the apartment on August 21 at 6:00 PM! Enjoy fine wine and tasty fondue; shower her ladyship with gifts from lands near and far!

Feel free to bring any new people who you think would enjoy meeting Allyson, as she is still trying to meet people after moving here!


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