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I am pleased with myself. We had leeks and half an onion, and I managed to put together a rather tasty sauce/topping for some steak out of it by sauteeing the leek and onion in olive oil with salt, pepper, dijon mustard and some really awful rose` wine we had originally gotten to make sorbet out of. It turned out quite well.
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Allyson and I went to Crave for brunch this morning. We both had their mimosa eggs benedict, which features prosciutto (or lox if you are so inclined) and a startlingly delicious champagne-shallot-orange hollandaise sauce. Transports of ecstasy followed.

I've had very good luck with running into old friends I haven't seen in years at the Mercury -- [ profile] sharkcowsheep last week, and [ profile] silverbrood's ex-roommate Diego last night. I'm planning on going out again tonight -- I wonder if some other person I haven't seen in years will show up?

Fall is upon us and I am enjoying the coolness in the air, and the crisp electric feeling that lasts until November. I used to think that I disliked Fall and Winter, but these days I think I enjoy any change in seasons. The change is refreshing to me, exciting the mind and imagination.

I leave you with another of the little conversations with Allyson that I love so much:

B: I can see a couple of hot air balloons in the far distance.
A: Oh? It's a good hobby for a chemist to take up.
B: Really? Why's that?
A: It's all about establishing laminar flow patterns. There are some very interesting thermodynamics at work there.
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The waffles that we are eating right now -- you should STAND IN AWE.

Thin. Crispy. Lightly drizzled in maple syrup. Divided into perfect heart-shaped sections.



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