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We ordered a cat tree for Saga. It finally arrived today, two months late. Thanks to FedEx, the box had a gigantic hole punched in the side, and the cat tree was damaged to the point where it couldn't even stand up. A pox upon their house. I have to wait for the vendor to open on Monday before we can start the claims process with FedEx.

I have a new toy. The Chief Architect at work, upon seeing that I could ssh into our servers with it quite nicely, declared that he finally understood why people would want a phone with so many features. I'm quite fond of it. In the process I ditched Cingular for Verizon, as they had enraged me one too many times.

(Yes, I can log into UNIX boxen with my phone, from pretty much anywhere. Truly, the future is now.)

Work is still almost panic-inducingly challenging, but I seem to be keeping my head above water.

I have a tremendous amount of schoolwork to do.

I'm waiting for [ profile] inevitability to call so we can hang out.

Allyson is grading papers and watching the Addams Family.

Saga is made of mew. Perhaps if we were to closely inspect her subatomic structure, she would prove to consist entirely of muons.

Life continues.


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