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I was underwhelmed by Narnia. The CGI looked rather fake in places, bluescreening was obvious in in places, and the theater had serious technical issues during the screening -- sound kept cutting out, video color balance wavered into the green and back. The story was admittedly not as evangelical as I feared, Liam Neeson does the "wise mentor" thing very well -- I think he's getting more than a bit typecast at this point -- and the White Queen was well done, but a lot of the other actors were not so good. And did the director realize how very not-good Tumnus's dealings with Lucy looked?

"Now I can classify the animal kingdom by 'good' and 'evil'!" said either Don or Elisa, I don't quite recall which.

Massive work crisising continued into the weekend, and I ended up having to ditch in the middle of brunch on Sunday with [ profile] seanscian and [ profile] biteycat to go kick our mail server and deal with more stress test screwiness.

However, things are finally settling down on that front now. My boss is back, so some of the IT pressure is off, and we're getting a handle on the stress test stuff. (Plus I actually know how it all works now, so it's not as much of a pain to deal with.)

On the upside, I have the thanks of the executive team, very high praise and thanks from my boss (who says he'll see if he can get some comp time for me), and the nmap scan I just ran against the box that DOS'd us last week shows that it's now wearing a chastity belt, all ports inaccessable. (An apology from the ISP would have bee nice, though.)

We're supposed to have employee reviews by January. I imagine this means mine will go pretty well.

I have a 15-page paper due on Wednesday, then I'll be done with school for the quarter.

So are any of you coming to the party on Friday? We haven't gotten very many responses.


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