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I can't possibly give the firsthand account that Allyson can of this event, so I won't even try -- I'll leave it to her to fill in the details. I can only show you these pictures:

And say that crazy people make kitty scared.

Everyone's okay, including the now-former neighbor who lost his shit and started trying to lure people into his apartment and throw potted plants down the hallway, and is now being evaluated at Harborview.

A member of the Seattle fire department who entered the man's unit said that he was "disturbed" by what he saw in there, and that he really wanted to wash his hands.

This is really more than we needed on top of the car incident.

On the other hand, it was almost worth it to hear the phrase "don't tase me, bro" get deployed, and that everyone present actually got it...
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So our downstairs neighbors have recently made our lives hell by complaining to the condo association board that we are extremely loud. Apparently anything other than sitting quietly in one spot is far too noisy, and they've made us feel frankly rather like prisoners in our own home. The real problem, of course, is that there seems to be absolutely no sound insulation between our floor and their ceiling. We can hear everything our upstairs neighbors do too, we just don't make nearly so much of a big deal of it.

Anyway, one of the things they accused us of was carrying out illicit construction activity, as they complained of hearing things that sounded like tools being dropped on the floor. I was at a loss to think of a source for these sounds, as we certainly haven't been doing any construction, until I got home. I was sitting at the computer when Saga dove off a countertop, landing on the floor with a gentle thud. And then I realized... "Saga! You are a tool! A dropped tool!"

So now whenever she jumps down onto the floor, we give her a pained look and tell her not to be a dropped tool.


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