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A: This isn't mess, just so you know, I've just got it out so that I can index it.
B: I thought the mew had already indexed it?
A: That's different. This is going on the Internet.
B: But she is a search engine! Doesn't she automatically put things on the Internet?
A: Her database is proprietary.
B: Oh, so she's like Lexis/Nexis. How do we get a subscription?
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B: Ah, okay.
A: Her metadata is really hard to decode, though.
B: Yeah. And her API is really poorly documented!
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Cat: (stands in front of picture of her)
Allyson: Saga, you always block your picture!
Bjorn: Maybe she is a bad block and needs to be reformatted.
Allyson: Are you a bad block, Saga? (picks up cat)
Cat: (mews loudly in protest, making thrown-cow noise)
Allyson: (turns cat upside down) I have reformatted her!
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Allyson and I went to Crave for brunch this morning. We both had their mimosa eggs benedict, which features prosciutto (or lox if you are so inclined) and a startlingly delicious champagne-shallot-orange hollandaise sauce. Transports of ecstasy followed.

I've had very good luck with running into old friends I haven't seen in years at the Mercury -- [ profile] sharkcowsheep last week, and [ profile] silverbrood's ex-roommate Diego last night. I'm planning on going out again tonight -- I wonder if some other person I haven't seen in years will show up?

Fall is upon us and I am enjoying the coolness in the air, and the crisp electric feeling that lasts until November. I used to think that I disliked Fall and Winter, but these days I think I enjoy any change in seasons. The change is refreshing to me, exciting the mind and imagination.

I leave you with another of the little conversations with Allyson that I love so much:

B: I can see a couple of hot air balloons in the far distance.
A: Oh? It's a good hobby for a chemist to take up.
B: Really? Why's that?
A: It's all about establishing laminar flow patterns. There are some very interesting thermodynamics at work there.
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"Cute! Cute iPods! They're like kittens!" -- Allyson, enthusing about the new line of multicolored Nanos.
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A: I want things. It's what I do.
B: You are made of want.
A: So is the mew. I think that's why I want the mew so often -- I want this thing that wants. It's meta-want.
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A: Saga is sideways. Do you like to be sideways, Saga?
(cat squirms)
B: You do not like sideways? Are you a merlot?
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Just wait, in ten years they'll include your eBay feedback score in credit reports.
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Me: "I blew away the httpd.conf, but it's still doing it. Must be something else."
Other dev: "Nuke the site from orbit?"
Me: "Did that too, but turns out the queen alien was still clinging to the belly of the dropship."
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"It looks like a tube," says Allyson.
"It does?"
"Yeah!" She picks up the loaf of freshly-baked bread she's just made and waves it about. "A tube!"
"It is not a tube," I say, frowning at the loaf of bread, which bears a remarkable resemblance in shape to an AirPort access point.
"It's a series of tubes," she says, cutting off another slice.
"It looks more like a disk to me."
"Yeah, that's what I meant."
"What? A tube is like a disk. It's a geometric shape."
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"Fish eggs? Liver paste? Come now. Let my consciousness be my strange meal."
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*rattle, tinker, rattle*

"This thing is very complicated. I don't know how ordinary people get stuff done."

"As opposed to geniuses like you?"


*rattle rattle rattle tink tink*
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And our gods and heroes are just ones and zeroes
Join hands and sing along
Everything we know is wrong.
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"Web 2.0 is actually a ploy to return the Internet's technical power to the specialized geek clique that originally built Web 1.0. They stole our revolution, now we're stealing it back. And selling it to Yahoo."

-- Bruce Sterling, O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference keynote speech, March 2006
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I got my open water scuba diving certification when I was twelve and living in Colorado. I did my first real (i.e., not in a pool) dive cold March morning, in a frigid and murky reservoir with about a foot of visibility at high altitude. Colorado is known for producing very good divers, as it has some of the worst and least interesting diving conditions possible and you have to be both competent and committed to learn to dive there.

"You're a reservoir dork," said Six, as I related this tidbit.

I don't quite recall what we were listening to at the party, but it prompted Six to say:

"This music is asymptotically approaching disco!"

Funny, eh? Now I can delete those notes from my Treo.


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