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Last night, I turned in my thesis for my master's degree.

This morning, I was told that an article I wrote is getting published on, a well-known enterprise Java news site.

Tomorrow, we depart for our vacation in England and Egypt.


Mar. 9th, 2006 12:01 am
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I finished the last actual class associated with my masters' degree program tonight; now I just have to thesis* and I shall be free of the shackles of academia forever.


I mean it this time.

(Of course, that's what I said last time. But we shall pretend that did not happen, shall we?)

I have been listening to an unusual amount of French music lately. It started when I re-watched Amelie a week or two ago -- I love Jean-Pierre Jeunet as a director despite what he did to Alien: Resurrection -- and has been reinforced by circumstance. I picked up a French techno compilation that happened to share a name with the company I work for and it turned out to be full of funky beatz; I drove/ferried to Bremerton and back to pick up a Lost Article on Sunday and listened to MC Solaar during the driving bits. I've even been listening to some tracks from a disc of French cafe music that Allyson ripped on my computer way back when.

Continuing in the Eurovein, I return to that old standby, Kraftwerk, to soothe the savage beats.

I'm feeling highly associative and unusually cheerful. Perhaps I'm glad to be done with school; perhaps I'm glad to be going on vacation to Whistler with Allyson and her father in a week and a half or so. Perhaps I'm looking forward to visiting friends in Bellingham on April 1st, or my birthday on April 2nd and the profoundly yummy food there will be. Perhaps I simply quiver with anticipation for the release of a true video iPod to replace my poor 3G, which just died the True Death.

Perhaps I am excited because I've been having a few new ideas for Proxima stories; perhaps I am excited because plans to buy a condo finally seem like something other than a distant dream. Perhaps I am excited by work, and the considerable responsibility and trust bestowed upon me there. Perhaps I'm happy because spring is almost here, despite today's stormy weather, and I can sense new life coming.

Perhaps I am happy to have such a wonderful partner in life as Allyson, or as strange and smart a cat as Saga.

Perhaps I squee over the joys of Mac OS X a little too much. I have the enthusiasm of a recent switcher, despite the fact that I've used and loved NeXTish interfaces ever since I started using Afterstep in 1996.

It is important to take stock of the good things in life. And I do have many.

* the word "thesis" has always reminded me of a particularly painful sort of muscle contraction...


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